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Best Outdoor Lighting Trends For 2024

As the temperatures start to creep up, we turn our attention to our gardens, making them the perfect hosting environment for summer BBQs, outdoor dinner parties and relaxing evenings embracing the late sunsets. No matter how you plan to use your garden, you want to create the perfect atmosphere, and outdoor lighting can significantly impact this.

Outdoor lighting comes in various styles, all of which will create a different look and feel for your outdoor space. But like clothing fashion, lighting trends change year on year.

In this blog, we delve into the outdoor lighting trends for 2024.

Garden Spot Lights and Spike Lights

Garden spotlights and spike lights are always popular lighting options for gardens in the summertime. This is because they are easy to install yet can be extremely effective. All you need to do is stick them into the ground and connect them to the mains.

There are various styles of these lights, each creating a different ambience and effect in your garden.

The Ball Opal spike lights, which come in three different sizes: 40cm, 30cm and 20cm, gently light the surrounding area of the light. Due to their size, these can look particularly effective in larger gardens as you can dot them around the space.

Meanwhile, the spot lights are contemporary and compact and generate a harsher light at the specific area where the light is being directed. These come in a range of styles, from aged brass to anthracite, stainless steel and plain black or white, so you can find one to suit your garden aesthetics.

Take a look at the variety of spike and spot lights that Home Lighting Store stocks in our online shop.

Modern Down Light

Down wall lighting is another outdoor lighting trend that is expected to be popular throughout 2024.

These lights are subtle in your garden, as they can often be fixed to the outdoor walls out of the eye line, yet can look smart and visually pleasing should you choose to bring them into the eye line. They can add depth and dimension to outdoor spaces, making a space look bigger than it really is.

These lights provide gentle illumination that is conducive to relaxation, socialising, and outdoor activities.

Down wall lighting offers flexibility and design versatility, meaning they can match a range of outdoor styles. For a contemporary look, you can choose cubed black polycarbonate lights or a tubed white polycarbonate light. If you are looking for a more industrial feel, you could opt for a David Hunt flush light, an Admiral large oval or a round coastal natural brass light. Finally, for a more traditional look, you could select a Grande down lantern or Vale up wall lantern.

Get inspiration for down lighting in your garden on our online shop.

Lamp Post Lights

Whether you are looking for something to fit in with your traditional house and garden or a feature light for your garden. Lamp post lights are likely to be an outdoor lighting trend in 2024.

With their range of lantern styles and the option to pick a single light, twin or even triple post, you can find a lamp post light that will complement your existing aesthetic.

Additionally, there are various levels of detailing that you can get on the lamp post, from intricate swirl metal bars under the lamp arms and patterned glass in the lanterns.

This lighting option will provide functional illumination as their elevated height allows them to cast a broad and even light distribution. This makes them suitable for larger garden areas, pathways, driveways, and outdoor living spaces.

See the variety of lamp post lighting Home Lighting Store stocks online today.

Decking Lights

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to add decking to their gardens to provide a clean and tidy space to relax and enjoy their gardens. Along with this, decking lights are gaining traction.

This is because they are incredibly functional and don’t require additional space as they fit within the decking.

You can get various packs of these lights, each with a set number of lights of a certain size. For example, 10 lights that are 30mm wide or 10 lights that are 45mm wide.

Usually, these are a white light. However, you can get coloured ones too, which will add a bit of extra colour to your garden for a bit of fun.

These are likely to continue as an outdoor lighting trend for 2024 as they are easy to install and maintain. Plus, they have a long life expectancy and have low running costs.

LED Wall Lights

A final trend for outdoor lighting this year will be LED wall lighting. These lights will have the advantage of using LED bulbs, which will gain them popularity as people seek to use energy-efficient options.

These options come in a wide range of options to suit any style and ambience you are trying to achieve. From box lanterns or strip lights to up-and-down lights, there is plenty to choose from.

Discover Home Lighting Store’s full range of LED wall lighting today.

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We stock a range of outdoor lighting options at Home Lighting Store, so you are bound to find something that fits your budget and garden style.

Not only do we supply the lights themselves, but we also have all the bulbs and accessories that you will need to keep your garden lit year-round.

Visit our showroom in Christchurch to see some of the options in person and to speak to our lighting experts. We will be able to discuss all your options with you and give guidance on the style and set-up that would work in your garden.

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