Led Products

Our energy efficient lighting range includes a wide selection of energy saving ceiling lights, kitchen lights, and outdoor lights to help you reduce your lighting bill.

Reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%.

We have a large selection of low energy LED lights to help you reduce your energy costs in this very difficult time.

Reduce your lighting bill by upto 90% and great light output for the energy used. Typically a 6 Watt LED product will produce the same or better output than a traditional 60 Watt light bulb.

The lumen output is the important thing to look out for not wattage rating. The lumen output gives you the actual light output of the light fitting. So for example a traditional 60 watt light bulb used to produce 600 lumens.

Old: 60 watt = New: 600 lumens

Old: 100 watt = New: 1400 lumens

So if you find a light fitting that has a lumen output of more than 600 lumens then it will be giving you more light output than your old 60 watt light bulb

You are welcome to visit our home lighting showroom in Christchurch Dorset, open 6 days a week, or you can order online.