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Creative Pathway Lighting Ideas

Pathway lighting doesn’t have to be dull or ruin the ambience and look of your garden. Instead, you can use it to enhance the style and feel within your garden or driveway. How, you ask?

We are about to tell you.

At Home Lighting Store, we stock a range of outdoor lighting solutions that offer a variety of ways to suit your projects. As summer kicks into full swing and we spend more time outdoors, we notice the unique ways our friends and family light up their pathways and have found inspiration from many.

In this blog, we share a few ways that you can creatively light your pathway to complement your garden landscaping and house design.

Battery Operated Stand Alone Lights

Use stand-alone lights that are battery-operated to line the pathways. As these are often easy to move, you can have fun moving them around, staggering them up the path or pairing them with one on either side of the pathway at intervals.

More often than not, larger lights will work better for this, as they can become a feature. For example, the Trio Palmas RGB Outdoor Battery Feature has a unique shape, adding interest to your pathway lighting.

Bollard Lighting

If you want something more permanent and stable, bollard lighting is a great option.

There are so many variations to the designs of bollard lighting that you are guaranteed to find a style to fit seamlessly into your garden.

If you have a modern but natural look, our Tann Large Pillar with a natural wood finish will enhance the look while providing the perfect lighting for your pathway.

Alternatively, if you have a traditional cottage or countryside vibe in your garden, one of our lantern styles, such as the Ella Medium 1 Light Antique Bronze Bollard or the Miles 1 Light Black Short Bollard Light, would look great.

Recessed Ground Lights

Recessed ground lighting is the perfect solution to save space while lighting your pathway.

These lights can sit in the pathway, with their light shining up. They show the pathway outline for someone to follow while lighting up features such as trees above the footpath.

As the light from the floor isn’t being directed by a surrounding light shade, the light from the bulb can often spread, illuminating large areas of the path.

If you are using decking for your pathway, you can use decking lighting for this look.

Wall Lighting

If your pathway is lining a wall, for example, that leads from the driveway to your garden, outdoor wall lighting is an excellent selection.

This offers a wide range of style choices, so whether you are looking for a traditional wall light or something a bit more modern, there is a light for you.

Similar to recessed ground lighting, these can be space savers, as you can fix them to an existing wall so you and your visitors have space to walk down the side of your building without worrying about needing to avoid the lights.

These can also allow you to park cars in the area, should there be enough room, as pillars or light stands won’t be in the way, restricting space.

Spot Lights

A final option for your pathway is garden spotlights. These are our most popular outdoor lighting due to their versatility and bulb strength.

Keep the look simple with a standard black polycarbonate spotlight, or add a bit of flair with our 20cm, 30cm or 40cm Opal Ball spikes.

Creative Solutions With Home Lighting Store

Pathway lighting doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of your landscaped and carefully put-together garden or driveway.

At Home Lighting Store, we have a range of outdoor lighting suitable for creating a well-lit pathway, so guests can easily walk from place A to place B without worrying about tripping, and you can proudly switch them on, knowing they enhance the ambience and style of your garden.

Browse our online store to get inspiration and order online for nationwide delivery.

Alternatively, if you are local to our showroom in Christchurch, Dorset, why not pop down to see some of our options in person?

In need of some advice or guidance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team to chat about your plans and discuss any queries you might have. Call us on 01202 474697.

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